Top 11 Reasons Why Your Business Needed a Chatbot Like Yesterday

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There’s a new piece of technology that has risen in popularity in recent years that is driving marketers and business owners to change the entire way they communicate/sell to their audience. So what is this mysterious tech that causes shiny object syndrome even amongst the big publicly traded companies and retail giants? It’s chatbots – […]

Social Media Audits: How To Analyze Your Account, Increase Your Engagement & Transform Your Business

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Today’s online space can make it difficult to know if your company’s brand is being effectively implemented on social media. Knowing which platforms are appropriate for your business, how to maintain consistency in your messaging across those platforms, and recognizing how to measure the success of each platform is critical to the overall growth of […]

Our Almost Magical Guide to Hashtags to Increase Your Engagement and Following on Instagram

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With over 3 billion people on social media and growing, it can be completely overwhelming and confusing to pick the right hashtags for your business. In order to be the most effective in your hashtag marketing objectives, it’s important to recognize what a hashtag actually is. According to, a hashtag (on social media websites) […]

5 Psychology Hacks to Activate the Amygdala and Influence Your Customers

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Effective marketing is usually a mix of creativity, science, and psychology. This alchemical concoction is what tends to produce the greatest and most transformative business results. However, a lot of companies miss the mark when it comes to tapping into their consumer’s brains. That’s what one area of marketing focuses on and it’s called neuromarketing. […]