39+ Tools to Use in Your Life and Business to Make Everything DRAMATICALLY Easier

Let me preface this by saying I am not an organized person so if I’m able to straighten out a million moving parts using some of these tools, then so can you!

I am a huge believer in increasing overall efficiency in every area of our lives and business. Over the years I’ve really come to understand the impact that tools and systems have on overall efficiency and productivity. I would even go as far as to say that tools and systems are the lifeblood of efficiency.

Anytime I find a new tool to implement in our business it usually results in an immediate efficiency increase which then contributes to more growth. I think we can all agree that as a business or an individual when you can spend your time on what matters most usually that it leads to more fulfillment, less stress, and more success. So in the spirit of that, I wanted to publish some of the tools we use to make our lives much easier! I haven’t listed everything obviously (as some things will remain a secret lol or they are just not applicable), but what I did go ahead and do was list what I think most people will find useful.

So without further delay, here are some of the top tools we use in our business or lives to make everything dramatically easier. I’ve broken this down by section so it’s easier to digest and implementation is easy.

Please note: Anything with a 🦙 is one of our favorites. Also, I’ve done my best to list the exact names of the tools, a brief description, links, pictures, and other notes where I thought they will help. Also, some tools are cross-platform and are available in website, app, and plug-in form.

Chrome Plug-Ins

(If you use Google Chrome click here to search and find these plug-ins also I’ve created direct links for your convenience. Just click on the picture or tool name.)

Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder — Capture pictures of entire webpages 🦙

Clipboard History Pro — Keeps a record of everything you copy and paste so you can use it again easily

ColorPick Eyedropper — Identify any color’s hex code 🦙

HubSpot: Email Tracking & Sales CRM for Gmail — Track email opens + Free CRM. Connects to website and app. 🦙

Convertio — Convert files online from one format into another.

Evernote Web Clipper — Easily add stuff from the internet into Evernote. Connects to website and app.

Grammarly for Chrome — Fixes grammar mistakes more intelligently than most software I’ve tried. 🦙 (App as well)

Honey — Automatically find and apply coupon codes when you shop online!

Momentum — Replace new tab page with a beautiful personal dashboard featuring to-do, weather, and inspiration. 🦙

New tab page by start.me — instant access to all your bookmarks, news feeds, notes and web services. 🦙

(Quick Note: We use start.me as our home page dashboard and momentum as our new tab in chrome.)

Noisli — Block out annoying noises and create the right environment for working or relaxing. (also a website and app)🦙

OneTab — Save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter to one tab. 🦙

Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google) — allows you to watch videos in a floating window

(always on top of other windows) so you can keep an eye on what you’re watching while interacting with other sites, or applications. 🦙

Pinterest Save Button — Save to Pinterest boards. (Connects to website and app.)

Save to Google Drive — We use Google Drive for storage 🦙(Connects to website and app.)

Save to Pocket — The easiest, fastest way to capture articles, videos, and more for later. 🦙(Connects to website and app.)


Canva.com — Easily create professional-looking graphics without having design skills (app as well)

maildrop.cc — Create burner email addresses so you don’t get spammed 🦙

asana.com — Task management/to-do list 🦙 (app as well)

Trello.com — Project management 🦙 (app as well)

Bitly.com — Link shortener (app as well)

calendar.google.com — Calendar 🦙(app as well)

pocket.com — Access all the things I save with the plug-in 🦙(app as well)

buffer.com — Social media scheduling (app as well)

hubspot.com — Free CRM + other sales/marketing free tools (app as well)

google.com/drive/ — Storage + documents 🦙 (app as well)

gsuite.google.com/products/meet/ — Video conferencing with screen sharing.


Slack — Communicate with your team

Evernote — Take notes and so much more 🦙

Insight Timer — A great meditation app 🦙

Bitly — Link shortener

Google Calendar — Calendar 🦙

Google Hangouts Meet — Google Hangout on the go

Google Drive — Storage 🦙

Unroll.Me — Unsubscribe out of emails you don’t want to receive easily

Pocket — Access the stuff we save using the plug-in

IFTT — Connect platforms with integrations they don’t natively have 🦙

Way of life — Track your habits and build new ones. Trust me, download this one.🦙

Spark — Replaces the email app on your phone. Trust me, download this one.🦙

Canva — Graphics

Trello — Projects 🦙

Asana — Tasks 🦙

Facebook Ads — Self-explanatory

Buffer — Social media scheduling

And there you have it! No fluff, just meat and potatoes.

Those are 40+ tools 🧰  that we actually use. Have any recommendations for us to try out? Great!

We are always looking for things to help us work better. Feel free to post your recommendations, thoughts, complaints, dreams, rants, or whatever else you want to talk about in the comments!

We obviously appreciate the engagement. 😉

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